Coding Challenges

In this corner of my blog, I will share solutions to coding challenges.

If you enjoy doing coding challenges, or are simply getting ready for job interviews, I encourage you to check out the websites linked bellow. Start off by attempting the problems on your own. If you are struggling, by all means, come along and see if I am able to give a hand.


Rosalind is a repository of computational problems that you can solve in whichever programming language you see fit. The focus on Rosalind is in bioinformatics. Check out their problem set! It is incredibly well organized.

Project Euler

Project Euler is a repository of problems that lean heavily on an understanding of mathematics and computer science.

Data Lemur

Data Lemur was created by Nick Singh, the author of Ace the Data Science Interview. It has a great collection of SQL, machine learning, statistics, and probability questions. If you are looking to brush up on your data science skills, Data Lemur is a great resource.


The infamous LeetCode! A great set of questions of varying complexity that are focused on key concepts in computer science.